In Gold, European Blackjack

European Blackjack Gold is where it’s at if you want to play Blackjack brilliantly and win big. In a showdown with the Dealer, a Blackjack hand (an Ace and a card with a value of 10) will pay out at 3 to 2 odds.

At the European Blackjack Gold table, you can place a minimum stake of 5 credits and a maximum bet of 50 credits. Insurance, which pays 2 to 1, is an option, and the Dealer must stand on any hand of 17 or higher. If you’re looking for the best online Blackjack experience, European Blackjack Gold is where you should go.


Elegant and Splendid Blackjack

Microgaming, a global leader in online casino software, created European Blackjack Gold. You can trust that any casino using this software will provide you with a fun and rewarding gaming experience.


Microgaming’s take on traditional European blackjack features polished, high-quality visuals that elevate the game to the next level. The Isle of Man developer has recreated the luxurious atmosphere and sophisticated jazz music of the salon privé at your favorite land-based casino. If your computer or mobile device supports HTML5, you can enjoy it from either one.


EU Gold Blackjack: The Rules

Simply put, European Blackjack Gold is traditional European blackjack with a high-class spin. Thus, each game begins with the same normal rules as any land-based EU blackjack game, with two decks of cards.


In EU Blackjack Gold, your goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. A natural Blackjack occurs when a player’s first two cards total 21, while falling bust occurs when a player’s total card value exceeds 22. In the event that the player loses to the dealer, they can reduce their losses by placing a “Insurance” wager in European Blackjack Gold.


You can also wager on whether or not your first two cards will total more than 13, less than 13, or exactly 13. These high and low wagers return 1:1, while the precise 13 side wager pays a monstrous 10:1.


Canadians Have a Ball Playing Blackjack

Like traditional blackjack, European Blackjack Gold allows you to split and double down. To top it all off, Microgaming has included an Autoplay function for your convenience. You may kick back with a beverage of your choice and watch the program rack up the points for you.


European Blackjack Gold is an exciting blackjack variant with betting limits ranging from $1 to $200. Get in on this fantastic blackjack variant by signing up at one of our recommended Canadian online casinos powered by Microgaming right away. Playing casino games here is an unforgettable experience.

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