Slot Overview in MexoMax!

In the words of Fred Durst’s My Generation anthem, “Do you know where you are?” Prepare to enter the jungle… In MexoMax!, an online slot game, players embark on what the developer calls a “Mayan quest deep into the Aztec jungle,” and a greeting from Limp Bizkit’s lead singer is as good as any. MexoMax! is the first of Yggdrasil’s MultiMax slots to use a cluster payout mechanic, and it’s the latest addition to the developer’s MultiMax lineup. Each reel can have its own multiplier, and when utilized in a win, they increase each other’s values. Cascades can also create wild symbols. That is to say, similar to its forerunner, MexoMax! may completely lose its mind under the appropriate conditions. Let’s check out the results.

MexoMax! is visually identical to its forebears, Multifly!, and its younger sister, Raptor DoubleMax. As a result, when players enter the game, they find themselves in a lush outdoor setting replete with exotic flowers and shivering plant life. If the sight of snakes gives you the creeps, though, you may want to avoid looking to the right side of the screen, where one slides through the underbrush in what seems to be an endless loop. The music also gives a tiny sense of foreboding to the scenario, so if Yggdrasil was trying for a mystery aspect, they succeeded.

The game’s central panel consists of six reels and six rows, and it shows 36 symbols on each spin. There is a chance of activating the Golden Bet for an additional fee of 20 p/c to £/€100 each normal spin. By boosting the wager by 25%, the Golden Bet ensures that more scatter symbols will appear on the reels, enhancing the player’s chances of triggering the bonus feature. The greatest return to player percentage (RTP) in the ‘Super High’ volatile game MexoMax! is 96%. When five or more identical symbols appear in a row or column next to one another, you get a hit at this level 21.28 percent of the time.

MexoMax!’s payout schedule alludes to the macabre aspects of Mayan and Aztec civilization, which were considered rather sophisticated at the time. Specifically, the wild symbol, which takes the form of a pulsing heart and appears on the reels. Wilds may be used to replace any other pay symbol and also increase the reel multiplier by a factor of 1. The standard payout symbols have four stone carvings with lower values and four facial things with higher values. Winning payouts start at 0.25x the stake for 5 of a kind and go up to 4x the stake for 14 or more matching symbols. Finally, the Chest is an unusual choice. Cash prizes, wild symbols, or even free games are given out when Chest symbols appear.

Slot Functions to the MexoMax!

In the game MexoMax!, one feature can set off a chain reaction of even more features, each of which can then feed into the next and so on. The Dropdown function comes first; it’s responsible for clearing the grid of winning symbols and allowing other symbols to fall into empty spaces. If a win is created after the symbols have fallen, the feature will activate again until no more wins are created.

Additions and Multipliers

Before the gaps are filled in during a Dropdown, a wild symbol is placed there, and the Reel Multiplier above it rises by 1. Any subsequent winnings on that reel are multiplied by the multiplier, and if several multipliers appear in the same win, all of the multipliers are added together. Between each paid spin, multipliers are reset.

Bonus Turns

In the main game, if you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, you’ll win 7, 9, or 11 extra spins, accordingly. Instead of immediately beginning, players are given the opportunity to spin a wheel for a chance to increase their winnings (up to 18 free spins) or lose everything if they guess incorrectly. The Reel Multipliers will stay in effect during the free spins until the bonus finishes. There is an option to purchase free spins, which costs 75x the wager for at least three scatters to land, or 125x the bet for five scatters to land (11 free spins).

MexoMax! : A Slotting Decision

MultiMax slots may not be “flying off the production line in great quantities” at the moment, but they are usually rather nice when they do appear. Crystal Falls MultiMax, developed by Bulletproof Games’ partner company after the success of Multifly! in 2020, had its attractions but was limited by a few things. Raptor DoubleMax, on the other hand, is like the group’s wise, elder relative who’s a bit more experienced in the ways of the world. When its jungly parts are firing, MexoMax! can do the same kind of multiplicative magic as previous releases like Multifly! and Raptor DoubleMax.

MexoMax relies on Reel Multipliers that double each other, which should come as no surprise. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t always happen, but it was amazing how the bonus round could power through a few bad spins, then collect a bunch of Reel Multipliers, and then combine them into something good. Test results for individual Reel Multipliers were never particularly impressive, but when combined, their effects can be rather powerful. It can be seen from the maximum win that MexoMax! does not have the same march of the multiplier effect as Raptor DoubleMax. While the dino one may pay out 20,000 times the wager, the maximum payout on MexoMax! is a more reasonable 10,000 times the wager.

Strangely, Crystal Falls Multimax came between Multifly! and MexoMax!, creating a gap of almost two years. You’d think Yggdrasil would make greater use of a weapon with so much potential. Finally, the drought has ended, and we have a fantastic slot machine with a Mayan/Aztec theme that once again illustrates the thrill of stacked multipliers.

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